Enterprise eCommerce Comparison: Why Shopify Plus is a Great Solution?

Those of you interested in selecting a reliable enterprise eCommerce platform will find that there is a variety of solutions like this present on the market. They all claim to be the best, most reliable, reasonably priced solutions, but obviously, some of them are better. With thousands of satisfied users and excellent features and options, Shopify Plus has become one of the leading brands in this area. Every enterprise eCommerce comparison list includes Shopify Plus and once we point out a few things about it in this article, you will know why.

First of all, Shopify Plus is used by some of the fastest growing brands in the world including Kylie, Leesa, and Rebecca Minkoff. They have more than 3600 enterprise-level users at the moment and they are growing at a rate of over 100% per year. Shopify Plus represents a multi-channel eCommerce platform with excellent scalability. In this way, every use can grow their business without worrying about potential drawbacks.

Thanks to Shopify Plus, enterprise-level users are able to automate many processes including marketing campaigns. The same goes for high-demand sales as well as for product drops. You can use this platform to customize the checkout, storefront and backend systems too. Business owners don’t need any coding knowledge or skills in order to add, update and handle products in their online stores.

With Shopify Plus, you can expect access to more than 20 sales channels which are integrated into one dashboard. These sales channels include Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Instagram, eBay, Amazon, and a few others. On top of that, Shopify Plus has over 100 payment gateways. International eCommerce has never been easier for enterprises.

Furthermore, Shopify Plus is a PCI DSS compliant eCommerce platform. It offers unlimited bandwidth as well as an unlimited number of transactions. The platform guarantees 99,98% uptime and has servers capable of managing over 10.000 orders per minute.

This eCommerce platform connects and integrates with all popular business software solutions. It provides support for CRMs, OMSs, PIMs, ERPs, and 3PLs. To improve the integration process and overall functionality of your eCommerce site, you can use some of the many (over 1500) applications found in Shopify’s app marketplace.

Finally, this is one of the rare enterprise eCommerce platforms that provide 24.7 assistance to customers and provide access to dedicated account managers that can help you with any questions you may have.

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