Enterprise eCommerce comparison: Analyzing the best options

When people and/or organizations are trying to build an enterprise eCommerce website they are usually doing their best to finish this process as soon as possible. This is quite natural because they want to start doing business online right away. But, this doesn’t mean that you should pick the first enterprise eCommerce platform you’ve found online. On the contrary, you must spend some time analyzing the properties of the platform before you start using it. Every business has specific requirements and needs and not all enterprise eCommerce platforms have the same features and options. In other words, enterprise eCommerce comparison should be very helpful in situations like this. The following is our comparison which includes a few suggestions.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

There’s a great chance that you know this platform under its former name – Demandware. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a platform developed for enterprises. It has excellent options and features related to omnichannel eCommerce activities and that’s why it’s popular among B2C online retailers that want to provide an ideal user experience. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a SaaS-based solution. This means that as a user, you don’t have to take care of updates and maintenance of the servers. This platform promises great scalability too. But, there’s a downside, and that’s the fact that Salesforce Commerce Cloud doesn’t come with a lively community of specialists, but it does have customer support.

Oracle ATG

Oracle ATG is a popular eCommerce platform created for large retailers. You can cut the expenses and implement a variety of integrations with the help of this platform. Besides the conventional features like SEO and customer segmentation, Oracle ATG has excellent big data features. This is an eCommerce platform for enterprises which comes with a flexible architecture. Brands like Autozone, Toms, John Lewis, and Lacoste use Oracle ATG for many months now. The thing that can be a little bit tricky for potential users is that the price of ownership is a little bit high.


Intershop is an enterprise-level eCommerce solution which includes all the standard features found in modern solutions like marketing features, omnichannel management, and analytics. It offers three different packages – enterprise, managed and cloud. This is a flexible option which enables users to pick where and how to use the software. However, they don’t have many professional services which make its use a complex and time-consuming process at times.

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