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BigCommerce vs Shopify Review

BigCommerce Vs. Shopify Plus:
3 Features That Make Them to Standout

Your dream is becoming a reality. It is a new dawn for you. Why not celebrate? Your business that started as a Facebook store is now an enterprise. You have customers from across the globe placing orders on your e-commerce website. But this is not right for you. Due to increased traffic, web crashes are routine in your venture. No week is ending before witnessing a crash or customers receiving a 404 error.
You are now searching for an enterprise e-commerce platform. Your desire is providing reliable service to your online customers and attracting more customers to your store.

Well, in your search, you realized BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus are the empire builders on the e-commerce field. As such, to ensure you do not miss the mark you need to go for one of them. But you do not know about them. You are not the first person to be in such a situation. One thing to consider in any e-commerce solution are the features provided. You need to do the same for this market leaders. But don’t worry, since we will talk about BigCommerce enterprise vs Shopify Plus: The Ultimate Comparison. Here are the four main features that make them to standout – check on them:

Both offer SSL protocol

It is the 21st century where cybercrime and online frauds are a reality. Witnessing a web hacking or being a victim of the same is not a new thing. With this being a reality, customers are fearing purchasing online. It is better for a customer to waste some time on the in-store queue than suffer a million-dollar loss in the hands of cybercriminals. In this essence, customers will only use their cards and other online transactions when they are confident that their data is safe.

As an e-commerce merchant, you should prioritize your customer security. This aspect makes more sense for enterprise-level businesses where bulky purchases take place. Also, a slight security leak can affect a thousand or so businesses. With this realization, you need an enterprise e-commerce platform that provides you with tight security. Both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus helps you in the achievement of security prioritization objective. The offer you the SSL protocol to secure your online payment activities. Hence, your customers and yourself will have peace of mind.

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E-commerce Platforms

They provide you with the abandoned cart recovery features

Certainly, cart abandonment is a serious issue in the e-commerce arena. Customers will visit your online shop, place items on their carts but leave the checkout process incomplete. For different reasons, customers are unable to complete the purchasing process. As you know, it is hard to sell the items held on the customers shopping carts. Also, the holding of goods without buying leads to a loss in your business as they form part of the tied capital. As such, you need a way of reaching out to the customers who never completed their check out process.

Both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus provide you with this functionality. For BigCommerce, it is part of the inbuilt features. On Shopify, you need to choose it on the number of apps available for you. Despite the approach they follow, the two enterprise platforms help you in realizing your goal of reducing cart abandonment problem by sending customer reminders.

Reliable inventory management features

If you want to fail in business, you only need to ignore one aspect – inventory management. Your inventory is the most important thing in your venture. It is the reason for customer visits on your site. Also, it is the pillar to remaining in business. As such, regardless of whether you are selling online or offline, you must have effective inventory management. Both BigCommerce enterprise and Shopify plus helps to realize this goal by offering reliable inventory management features.

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